Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 17 and PPO is on the move...

I'd forgotten how regal Pot Plant Owl looks when she stands in full view.
Her powerful talons wrap around the lip of the pot plant, and those strong, white legs steady her balance in the wind. She is a beautiful owl and a caring mother.

PPO will spend more time on the lip of the pot plant, or on the balcony railing close by. The chicks are growing so quickly, and soon the pot plant will burst at the seams with activity(didn't someone ask why the container has a crack in it? Now you know why).

Pot Plant Owl is amazing for another reason. She comes to my 'rescue' all the time. On a friendly wager, I bet that PPO would be out of the nest most of the day starting from today - Wednesday. Last night on the chat site, I conceded that I would probably lose this bet, because PPO showed no signs of venturing out of the nest.

But here she is today - in full view. She must know I need to 'save face' and demonstrate that I know what I'm talking about, for she has been on this lip for a couple of hours now.

Thank you, Pot Plant Owl! (I owe you one!)

3 Hours later....

PPO is back in the pot. Now I don't think it counts that she was out the pot for so long a little earlier on. Come on PPO, help me out here! Get out of the pot so I can win the bet!

Sigh. My pleading won't help. She has a mind of her own - just like her 'human' mom...


  1. I am pleased to see she in hankering down and covering the babes from the rain. It is amazing though for me to sit here in Toronto and listen to a Johannesburg storm.

  2. bob rules this time Tracy? LOL

  3. Love your report, Tracy.
    Maybe maybe PPO knows you better than we guess.
    After all she and hubby decide to come to your house every year. I bet they trust you in their owls way. You can be really very proud-- as you deserve it! :)

    gillycat, Im in Padua, Italy. ;)

  4. Hi! Love your updates! When are you all going to set up a website for naming the owlets? Can't wait for them to have names!
    Thanks again for sharing with us all!
    purdyfarmsBecky (SPO)