Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25 Oct and Pappa visits

Pappa came to visit today. I woke up to find him standing on the wall by our garage. We often see him there in the early morning, and then he flies away to roost in a tree nearby. Today he stayed with us the whole day. I walked past him a number of times, saying a quick 'hello' as I went past. Pappa watched me carefully, but didn't seem too bothered. He is a welcome visitor.

Pot Plant Owl is fine. I haven't heard any coughing, despite the oppressive heat that we are experiencing. She spent most of the day sitting in the far pot plant on the balcony to escape the heat.

Our sweet chicks stood up together today in the pot, and eyed out our garden below them. They are taking in more of their environment as each day passes, and with this, their curiosity and eagerness to explore will increase.

We're still running the 'Name-the-Chick' competition on Africam (www.africam.com). You have a week or so to put your votes in, and stand a chance to win a copy of our book "Pot Plant Owl".


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  2. Gorgeous hunk of owl you are Pappa!

  3. Thank you for the great picture of Pappa!
    Does it seem to you that maybe something is wrong with one of the owlets eyes? I know I worry too much, so forgive me.
    Thanks for sharing all this with us,
    purdyfarmsBecky (SPO)

  4. Why is the sound off a lot of the time? I watch middle of the night in USA. This is when we could hear the hooting, etc. But there is never any sound. Not it is 11 a.m. Africam time and no sound again. Please turn on the sound.

  5. Just Beautiful!!! So regal looking!

    Ronni - Paphappy

  6. It seems Papa knows they are all in a safe place and trusts his surroundings enough to allow casual conversation! How special :)

  7. How wonderful that he is used to you guys!!! I am amazed at their diet!!! Last night was jaw dropping with that big something!!!! This is sure a lot of fun watching them grow and its so wonderful that you come in and chat with us! Love Caboval