Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3 October - PM Central African Time

We're witnessing the most incredible feeding session. Minutes ago, Pappa flew in with a sizeable meal for his family. Pot Plant Owl started shredding pieces of food for her chicks.

We're now watching what can only be described as a 'feeding frenzy'. Webcam viewers are seeing the tiny little white heads popping up, and grabbing the pieces of shredded meat hungrily. It appears the chicks are ravenous for they are coming back for more and more and more. How their minute bodies will handle all the food going in, is anyone's guess.

From past experience watching PPO chicks, tomorrow I fully expect to see two chicks double their current size.

Pappa's in with more food - a tasty King Cricket which would normally be devoured in seconds. He stands patiently at the nest, offering the meal to his family, but there are no takers.

A minute later:

He's just flown away with the King Cricke, probably to eat it himself somewhere in peace.


  1. Thank you both,,,

    Go go Papa,,, he really is a wonderful Father,,,,

    but he has a lot of hard work ahead of him again now,,,

    One chick to arrive,,, can't wait for the full compliment,,,, and all hell will break loose again,,,,

    Isn't it wonderful,,,,

    much love

  2. Time here in the UK is now 12,00 linchtime,, I think you are one hour ahead in Africa,,,

    I can hear a Woman shouting and screaming at her small child,, the child is crying and having a temper tantrum,, the Mother continues to shout,,,

    I'm only posting this as it seems to be unsettling Mama,,, she is bobbing her head from side to side and seems to be listening,,,

    Mama seems a little more settled now,, just stood up and head under her tummy sorted out her family, perhaps turning her third egg,, and down she goes again,, no sign of the two little ones sadly,, Mama does a good job of keeping them covered,,,

    I can't believe just how much bigger Mama is from last season,, she has really filled out and looks twice the size,, dare I say to a Lady "Fat",,, sorry Mama ! you still look very beautiful to me,,,

    Its wonderful too to be listeneing to all the local bird life there as well,,music to the ears,,,

    Mama having a good old preen now,, keeping those beast feathers all in the right place,,,

    Oh I'd love to see the babies live and not in a photo,,,

    much love

  3. The feeding session was wonderful to see, those two little bobbleheads popping up for more and more! Pappa's patience holding the king cricket and waiting for PPO to notice him and take it was so cute! And when she just looked at him as if to say "What... a lousy king king cricket? That should have been the hors d'oeuvre!" And then seeing him fly away with it was so cute! Love this, love this, love this!!! Thank you again so much!

  4. The thought of the day :