Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cont. Thurs 14 October

Updated on our little owl: He / She recovered enough to be moved to the Wildlife Rehab Centre.
It is doing okay there now. If the chick's health improves, we may get it back in about a week's time to reintroduce it back to Pot Plant Owl and the other two chicks.

By the way, it has come to our attention that some viewers from the USA are upset because of the name of our mother owl and the title of our book, Pot Plant Owl. These viewers believe that we are drugging the owls and putting them in a marijuana container.

This is a case of mistaken phraseology between nations. Here in South Africa, a pot plant is a container in which a plant is planted. I think in the USA you may call this a 'potted plant'? Anyway, I wish to stress that we are in no way drugging our owls (or ourselves for that matter, being vegetarian and athletes). Also the name of tree planted in the container is a Indigenous Yellow Wood tree. Please look it up so you can learn more about this tree. Again, some people have said the tree looks like a marijuana plant - simply not true!

Hope this clarifies everything. Please feel free to question any other 'funny phraseology' you may pick up. We are, after all, South Africans. :)


  1. oh my dog. You must think we Americans are idiots. oh my dog.

  2. ROFL! In Scotland we too call them pot plants....would never have crossed my mind to think anything else! So happy "Teeny" has recovered enough to be moved to WILDLIFE rehab centre. Would the chick be accepted back in nest after so long away?

  3. Then maybe it's useful for some to read the explanation on the site. ;-)
    There are fun and educational things to read.

  4. So glad to hear that the baby owl has recovered a little.
    Here in UK, we say pot plants too!
    I would never of thought it would be any other "pot" either!!

  5. I can't believe there are people here in the US that would think you are giving "pot" to the owls. Good grief, how dumb can people be. Believe me, we're not all like that. So happy that you intervened with the little one. I have been so worried about he/she because she is so much smaller than the other two and sometimes gets pushed aside by the other two and I worry that she doesn't get enough to eat. Thanks for sharing the owls with us -- one of the neatest things ever. You are so lucky they've adopted you.

  6. pfff people always have to say something.. i'm glad there are a lot of people who enjoy this owls! because you give us the change to see al this.
    i'm happy that the little one is ok and i hope it will be a big owl to!
    greets from Holland.

  7. So sorry- that anyone would have such a misunderstanding- . Happy that the little chick is holding its own at the Vet! I'm an wondering how they will handle their learning to fly!! I'm sure you must have thought about this part... coming soon.

  8. Hi All
    So sweet of you all to show concern for the little one, Teeny. Well, it's now just a waiting game to make sure Teeny's health improves, and then he / she is accepted back in with Pot Plant Owl and the rest of the family.
    If, for whateve reason, Teeny is not accepted back, the Wildlife Rehab Centre has a resident Spotted Eagle Owl who comes and goes as she pleases. Perhaps she will adopt Teeny or teach it how to fly? The Centre gets many owls like Teeny and they are almost always released into the wild successfully (unless they are badly injured).