Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday 31 October

Early hours of the morning -Central African Time: I woke a few times to Mom's alarm call - a high-pitched "Whooping" sound. I looked outside and found nothing obviously threatening in the area. I think Pot Plant Owl sounded her alarm call when the explorer wanted to do something she didnt want it to do, but I can't be sure.

Pappa was incredibly vocal. He has a magnificent loud hoot that echoes across the wetland in the wee hours of morning. There may have been other Spotted Eagle Owls in the area, because Pappa was really letting everyone know that this was HIS territory. You have to take your hat off to Pappa. He does all the back-stage work to make the show run smoothly. He hunts, he defends the territory, he watches over the nest during the day, and he gets very little credit. In come the chicks, and to a lesser extent now, Pot Plant Owl, and they are the stars of the show. They steal the show, and people forget about Pappa. So Pappa, here's looking at you! I salute you and your tireless work for your family. Well done!

Each time I woke up early this morning, I did the usual head counting of chicks to make sure they were all there. On one occasion, I saw Teeny standing over 'his / her' shoe - wings outstretched, body low to the ground and snapping its beak at it sibling. The sibling attempted to play with the shoe too - something Teeny strongly objected to. All three chicks were on the ground, and in the pitch darkness, it was hard to see who Teeny was reprimanding. Despite the size difference, the other chick backed off and left Teeny to play with the shoe. It was too delightful to watch!

This morning, the bigger chicks are sleeping in the nest pot plant together. Teeny is on the floor on the side of the pot plant container - out of view of the camera. All look well-fed and happy. Pot Plant Owl dozes in the far pot plant - looking as tired as I feel this morning.

I think I might have to take a nap.

PM - What fantastic viewing! Our friends came to visit (the owls of course, not us) and took quite a few pictures of the action. No1 and No2 got flew up to the middle pillar, and both stood there. Both parents flew in with a lot of food for them. At one stage, Pot Plant Owl flew in with food and accidently knocked one chick off the pillar. It tried using its sharp beak and talons to hold onto the bricks as it slid down, but it couldnt hold on. It ended up on the balcony floor -a little confused, but otherwise unharmed.

Teeny was well-fed, and even tried a bit of exploration itself. Teeny managed to get halfway up the wooden perch from the floor, but decided against going all the way up to the top. Instead Teeny spent quite a bit of time on his /her shoe - fast becoming a favourite!

Going to upload pics now of the excitement!


  1. Thank you yet again for sharing this wonderfull event with us

  2. Hope you had a good nap as needed.

    Thank you again from me and the Italian forum as well for sharing your life with the owls.
    I'm getting an addicted.. LOL!


  3. It is so wonderful to read the details of the interactions of the Owl family!! Thank you for giving Pappa the credit he precious!! IT take both parents to raise this family and , yes, all deserve credit! Love it!!! Thank you...hope you are staying must be wonderful to have these little ones walking around on your balcony!!
    Glad to hear the Teeny is spunky and doing well!

  4. My goodness, how wonderful to see the two eldest sitting together on the middle pilar watching the world go by!! One of the parent's brought food in and I think the middle chick dropped down to the floor with the catch. The little one was there watching it eating food and rushed towards the middle chick.
    Absolutely wonderful :-)

  5. I have great respect for you both, Allan and Tracy.
    because of your own balcony available to the owls, the surrounding environment for the little owls adjust so that they can not fall.
    Even the curtains shut.
    But as Tracy says, it's hard not to help as they struggle to storm and hail, it is nature you are going to let go.
    And we ... we should just enjoy it.
    Thanks for your great efforts.
    I know you like to do ;-)

  6. Great to hear from you!! I don't think I would get any sleep if I were there with you!! LOL.. It must be a magnificent event. Im glad you keep us posted..I worry because I can't see 3, and the camera is far enough away now so I can not see their cute little faces... boohoo.. thanks again for the great updates.. from Atlanta GA

  7. Right.
    I can just about see the baby on the floor near the pot, I see the middle one in the pot, but I can't see the eldest. Maybe in the other pot to the far right??

  8. Ah!
    I see the eldest behind the pot plant on the pillar! :-)

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