Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pic - Mom and Little Explorer in far pot plant

"Look how clever I am!"
Our little explorer with Pot Plant Owl in the far pot plant. Behind is the wetland we are trying to save.
Read blog date Fri 29 Oct for full details of this chick's antics.


  1. Thnx PPO for this picture, where we can see the wetland. It gives meaning to the importance of saving this area. I hope that the local authorities are aware of this webcam and of how important these images are in making us all aware - that without areas where the owls can live, there soon will be a time that there will be no owls to watch.

  2. Wow - Teeny is that you?! You've grown so big and you've done better than your siblings to fly into that pot with no branches to hop on to. It is marvellous to see how the parents are caring for their chicks making sure each is fed wherever they may be. As for the wetlands - keep fighting Tracy and Allan! I'm sure many of the Loch of the Lowes (Scottish Wildlife Trust) bloggers would be happy to sign a petition. I think Fiona has already been in contact regarding books so please let her know the details. Enjoy your Saturday, owls and humans both! JanetX

  3. Ah, just read the addition to 29 Oct and all is clear! LoL! I couldn't believe that this was Teeny in the photo. Still very well done to Chick 2 to fly up but scary that s(he) stood on the pillar and nearly lost balance. I missed all that excitement. Teeny looks happy on the floor this Saturday morning. I'm pleased he is using the owl box - good thing you provided it even if PPO doesn't want to use it. JanetX