Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday 22 October

And here is our beautiful, Pot Plant Owl! This is one of the pics from our book, taken of her on our balcony just after the rain. She is exquisite!
Phew! Where to begin? Lots to say and do, and not enough time in the day for everything.

Firstly, thanks for all the comments on the blog. I read them all even if I don't reply to each individual one. Thanks to Fleur for the great video clips of the owls. You can find the links in the comments section from 20 Oct and 21 Oct.

And Vicki, thanks for the information about the middle chick's 'wandering' last night. That was the start of a lot more exploring to come, and now you can see how stressful it can get. We heard the owls hooting like crazy, but didn't look on the balcony. We also heard the chicks' snapping beaks.

Then, today is the last day to submit your entries for the "Name-the-chicks" competition. You can submit via Africam website, or the Africam Face Book page. We'll be shortlisting the names this weekend, and then you get to have the final say next week.

For those in South Africa: we'd like to educate children about owls and Nature in general, and have set aside some "Pot Plant Owl" books to donate to schools. If you'd like to nominate a school to receive a book, please send me an email on:

Then, we had great publicity this morning with an article in The Citizen newspaper, and a follow-up mention on the Jenny Cryws-Williams show on 702 Talk Radio. The article was about webcams as an important tool that can be used to educate people about Nature, and to raise awareness of the plight of animals / birds etc in urban area. We're really pleased that more and more people are taking the time to:

  • watch Nature at work

  • write and talk about the amazing stuff they see, and

  • want to make a difference (even if it is just giving up your balcony for a while like we have)

Getting back to the owls right now on the balcony:

I can confirm that Pot Plant Owl slept on one leg this morning. Her eyes were closed and even when I moved the curtain, she didn't wake up. So that answers one of the questions on the chat room last night about the owls.

Teeny is doing really well, and the popular opinion shared by many, is that Teeny will probably end up the strongest of the three. Teeny is full of bounce, and a far cry from the tiny, sickly chick we took to FreeMe.

The other two chicks are special and different. The biggest chick gulped down a small snake last night much to the delight of those watching the webcam at the time. And according to a viewer, the middle chick took off exploring last night - the first chick to venture out of the pot container. So there's lots to tell the chicks apart, if you spend a little time watching them.

Ok - will be back later.

Tonight's feeding is not as frantic as last night's. Our biggest chick (soon to be named) gobbled up another small snake. He / she slurped the snake up with the finesse of a seasoned spaghetti eater -well done!

Teeny got lots to eat, so no worries about Teeny losing out. The middle one also managed to be in the perfect spot to receive some good morsels of food, and larger pieces too. Very happy chicks!

We saw the most amazing thing on the neighbour's roof. Pot Plant Owl was on the roof and Pappa flew in and landed right at the edge of the roof. The two of them began their now famous conversations - going back and forth to each other for a while. Suddenly, Pot Plant Owl spread her wings out and flew at Pappa, attacking him. Immediately Pappa flew off again to hunt. We think she was trying to tell him to do his bit and get more hunting done. It reminded me of the cartoon scene of a housewife brandishing a rolling pin and chasing her husband out the house. It looked very funny!


  1. Thanks for the update! Did you hear the "other" owl that was about last night? BTW I am Dawn, not but I will answer to anything!

  2. Of course - owlsat DAWN! So sorry - have mixed you up with another person - lol. I also answer to pretty much anything -lol.

    I thought I heard PPO in the far distance kicking up a fuss. That being said though, it was a higher pitch that her usual call. If it was another owl in the area, both parents would have been very vocal to 'stamp their territory'. But perhaps it was one of the past chicks swinging by the old neighbourhood... I'll keep a look out tonight and see if I can see who is there. Chat later, Mary! (lol)

  3. Lovely picture of PPO, she looks as if she is smiling.
    The babies were very active yesterday, wing flapping and having a good look around, they are getting really interesting to watch now :-)

  4. Is anyone having probs with the webcam? I can't get it to open for me.

  5. Oh there WAS alot of calling last could hear Mom and Dad with their regular calls and then a different on that was using a 3 beat hoooo... hoo hoo at a different pitch. I even heard a 4 or 5 beat hoo a couple of times. And you could hear all 3 talking. VERY interesting

  6. I am going to have withdrawal symptoms! The advert finishes and then I get a blank webcam screen :-(

  7. Panda...if you are still having problems with Ustream, try the seems to be working better than ustream right now

  8. Owls.
    I have tried the Africam and that is not working for me either! :-(
    I shall log-off and try after I have had my tea.
    Thanks for your help :-)

  9. I am back and the cam is working for me now! I can carry-on watching this beautiful family :-)

  10. Thanks for the beautifull pics! And Fleur, thanks for the video movies.
    About the the middle chick taking off last evening, i also saw that it really jumped out of sight. Although it was just for seconds, the first step to explore the rest of the world was put :)