Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wednesday 6 October

Pot Plant Owl sits on the lip of the pot most of the day. The chicks are moving around more and learning to preen themselves and each other. The tiny wings are stretched and flapped, and suddenly the chicks flop down with exhaustion and sleep.

For those wishing to see the owl family, please visit Best viewing time is late afternoon GMT +2hrs (Central African Time) or later in the evening when the chicks are fed by the parents.

In the evening, the sound of thunder and a few minutes of rainfall brought Pot Plant Owl back to the nest to cover her chicks. The rain didn't last long which is not a good thing for our gardens or dams, but good for the chicks. They are about 18 days old now and have not experienced the bug thunderstorms yet. I'm hoping that the rain holds out for another few days so they get bigger.

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  1. aaah its raining, the poor chicks get al wet now! its nice to see how they get close together to stay warm en kind of dry :)
    i can't wait untill the chicks are going to walk around..!