Friday, October 22, 2010

Pic - And here's Teeny now

And here's Teeny now - looking much stronger and healthier! (perhaps a little camera shy)


  1. Hi Folks,,,

    Beautiful photo of Mum and Teeny, thank you,,,

    I did take a lovely one myself first thing this morning,, Teeny was walking about the pot planter
    and she was stretching her wings and didn't seem to have a care in the World, Mum had just flown off a few second before,, the older two were huddled on the right hand sidw trying to keep out of the wind,, Teeny just didn't care,, she was having to much fun,, enjoying life again, thankfully,, though I think she knows where the camera is now,, she was looking right into the lense several times, bobbing her head,, and I got a great shot,,,
    Thank you so much for all your gentle care,,

  2. Wow! What spectacular markings so beautiful!!! Caboval