Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday 11 October

The morning routine has changed from previous years. When we wake, the chicks sit in the pot plant by themselves. We can see Pot Plant Owl on a garage roof a few metres away, in sight of the nest. Pappa sits under a tree on our wall on the other side of the house. The parents stay in the roosting places for an hour or two, until eventually, in broad daylight, Pappa flies to his 'proper' roosting spot, and Pot Plant Owl joins her chicks on the balcony. What has made them decide to fly during the day and do this little routine of swopping places, who knows!

More and more grey, patterned feathers are appearing on the chicks. This morning we watched Pot Plant Owl feed the chicks and within 10 minutes, they were each double the size they were. They comfortably look over the pot now, whereas just a few days ago, they couldn't see over the lip of the pot.

What do they eat? Mostly insects - King crickets, flying ants - then birds, we've seen them eat small snakes etc


  1. Have you heard something of big fat Mufata, Curious George and little Bashful?
    Perhaps even seen again ?
    They are gone well into the wide world last year I hope.

    04:01 pm
    there's one with the head over the edge, another state to pant, it's hot, I think.
    What the weather brings the end of the day........... but hail is not much fun for the chicks.

  2. 10th Oct. Storms, I was watching and saw when the cam, took to another position, it looked like your wetland! to the left of your home with a couple of trees and gully's running with water, am I correct in thinking so? We have blue screen tonight 11th, has the cam been knocked-out? Hope you and Allan are ok also the ppo and chicks. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. It's beautiful.

  3. ...look what I found...
    The three musketeers of 2009

  4. Oh, well I see what has happened, instead of your cam showing your locale, we have been wafted onto Africam and some ponds, not sure which one, but you can get it on Sportsman Paradise, or whatever it's called. Still no pictures of the ppo, perhaps you are waiting for the MEN to fix cam. BfN

  5. Hello Eileen
    Last night I had a bluescreen, but now they are just online.
    I think for privacy reasons, the sound and picture in the night go out.

  6. Hi Everyone

    Thanks for watching. We had problems with the light bulb on the balcony last night - that's why it was dark. It has been fixed now. Sound always comes on in the evening when the owls are more active and they start to hoot and the chicks beg for food.
    Thanks for the link to the Three Muskateers from last year, Fleur. I miss them a lot and wish we could see them. I'm sure they are happy and making a good life for themselves.
    Thanks again all - competition is coming to name this year's chicks so keep watching for their personalities and appearances to change and make them distinctive.