Monday, October 18, 2010

Tuesday 19 October

Well! What an eventful night last night! I didn't get much sleep because I was still quite 'wired up' about Teeny and its re-introduction to the family.

A summary for those that missed all the action:
Teeny was brought back home yesterday and put straight into the nest. I'm quite relieved that I didn't get hit on the head by steely talons while I did my Good Samaritan bit. The other chicks responded to Teeny immediately. At one stage, it looked like they were squashing Teeny (Teeny is half their size), but I think it was just over-excitement, not intending to hurt Teeny.

Pot Plant Owl sat on the lip of the container and for the most part, ignored Teeny. This wasn't too serious - the big test of the parents accepting Teeny back would come in later - at feeding time.

At nightfall, the chicks became restless, and the parents went off to hunt. We watched, and waited. Eventually the parents brought food to the nest. There was a flurry of activity and wings flapping to get the food. Teeny's small stature played against him / her, and Teeny was shoved to the side each time.

By this stage, everyone watching was anxious. If Teeny did not get food, we would then have to return it to the Wildlife Rehab Centre for feeding and eventual release into the wild. This was not our first choice.

Eventually, Teeny fought back - and won! After getting the first bit of food, Teeny's confidence (and hunger) fuelled it to jump further and reach higher, and it got more and more food. Pretty soon, it was showing the signs of being well fed.

This morning I expected to wake up to the begging cry of the chicks for a last-minute snack before their bedtime. And there they were - fast asleep, lying flat in the pot plant container. Teeny was lying on its back and looked very content.

Pappa is sitting on our perimeter wall this morning. Why the change of roosting spot? Who knows! Pot Plant Owl is on the garage roof nearby, where she can see the nest.

We need another good feeding session tonight to ensure that Teeny starts catching up to the others in size.

Don't forget the naming competition for the chicks. Details can be found on Africam's Face Book page, and I think of the Africam website as well(?) -need to check on that.

PM Central African Time - Teeny got the first bit of food! The early feeding tonight was much less stressful than last night's and Teeny did get some good food. The other 2 chicks are really wanting their own identities now, so please get your name votes in so we can give them proper names. They are just as precious as Teeny and deserve as much.


  1. It is nice to see the three little ones and mother this morning looking quite relaxed.

  2. We were SO lucky to have witness the reintroduction! Heart stopping, for sure, and tear producing when we were all SURE that Teeny got its first feed!

  3. The three are all in a corner snuggled together. That is so beautiful to watch :-)

  4. Hi, It looks like it lacks a baby owl in Plant Pot? I see only two.

  5. Hi Irmgard.
    I am watching three. The little one could have been snuggled up against one of them. :-)

  6. Mam or Dad brought in a large grub of some-sorts and baby was in the front and had it :-)

  7. At this moment mom is deviding a large prey dad brought in. Teeny got a realy huge part of it. I think you can have a good sleep tonight, he/she is doing fine :)
    Teeny with his/hers meal:

  8. Mom offered the chicks the last piece of the prey (making funny noises), but they didn't want anymore. She ate it herself. It seemed to be a leg of a bird when she turned around:

  9. Another screenshot of a longtailed prey (rat, mouse?), earlier this evening. One of the other chicks -the oldest i think- swallowed it in one piece:

  10. What a great site! Thanks for showing us these beautiful baby owlets! Im from Mollys Box in California and our owlets have fledged. I love coming here to see new owlets!!! They are so precious!!! Caboval

  11. Good morning.
    It is nice to know that the baby had plenty to eat last night.

    I cannot get your pics to show. It says "site cannot be connected" :-(

  12. How is this Pands,in same order as above:

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  14. Rita.
    It is working now! :-)
    Some good pics.
    Thanks :-)