Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday 24 October

You wanted to see a picture of where we live - here it is. You can see upstairs to the left of the picture a tree by the brick pillar. That is where the nest is. When I am chatting online in the early evenings, I sit on the patio below. The roof in the background on the left is the roof most often used by Pappa to bring food to Pot Plant Owl. She meets him on that roof, and flies across to the balcony.
Will put up more chick photos tomorrow.
The chicks are becoming more active during the day. They lift their heads, look around, and stretch and flap their wings. It'll be anyday now when the chicks pluck up the courage to venture away from the container, and onto the balcony floor - hopefully. The alternative to the balcony floor is the balcony pillar or balustrading - something we do NOT want them to venture on until they can fly properly.

We spent time this morning looking at all the name submissions- thank you to everyone who send nominations in. I must admit that we had a lot of very original entries so it becomes hard to choose.

PM - We've just seen the Big Chick swallow a whole bird. It took some time getting it down, but what a feat! It must have felt quite sick afterwards - like I do when I eat too many helpings of food, or to much dessert.


  1. nice to see some more! it's a beautifull house. i can't wait to see the chicks on the floor, it would be fun to watch! i'm curious to the names because i never find the place where you could write them down!

  2. My Time here in the U.K. is 12.30 pm lunchtime,,

    Am I going mad or is the nest only holding one chick,, though I think I can see whitish fullf on the floor of the nest on the left hand side,, so that could be Teeny fast asleep, maybe??
    Sorry yes,, Teeny just woke up amd is peeping over the edge now,,, SO where is chick number two ?? not gone walk about again I hope,,


  3. I just wanted to say THANKS for bringing all of this to us. As we head into the long, cold winter here in the northern USA it is so nice to watch the chicks each day. I will be sad when they fly, they are like my own little "kiddos" now.

  4. What a beautiful house you have and all that nice sunshine! Had frost here this morning in UK, winter is really setting in.

    Can't wait to see the chicks getting more active :-)

  5. Thank you so much for writing and updating us on what's going on. And for the photo of your beautiful house and deck. I'm like everyone else, anxious to see the chicks grow and also anxious about what will happen when they start exploring beyond their nest. Linda in Florida, USA

  6. 10pm African time and the three are huddled together. And of course, baby is in the middle and what a great picture it looks!! :-)

  7. Question!
    When I posted the last post it was 10:03pm Africa time. Why does it say, 1:03pm at the end of the post??

  8. I think I have worked it out.
    Are we on Californian time??

  9. Thanks for lovely photos of your house to let us see where "our" chicks are situated. So good to see all 3 thriving after a few days away...had major withdrawal symptoms and drove hubby nuts, "has Goliath tried to eat Teeny yet? Is Teeny still getting his fair share of food?", and then to come back and find Middlun had gone walkabout was amazing. First time i have been in hurry to get home from holiday :)

  10. Oh PPO thats so funny about the owlet eating the bird and being stuffed!!! Oh I caught a glimpse of one of the owlets on the ledge of the pot and he was flapping his wings!!! I was holding my breath hoping he would go back inside the pot!! LOL He did. They are growing up! Oh and what a beautiful house you have! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!!! ((hugs)) Caboval

  11. Hi All

    Thanks for taking the time to write. It's always fun catching up with people from around the world who share a common interest. And you are all welcome - we love being able to share the experience with you.
    Callumsnona, did you come up with the name Teeny?