Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday 28 October

3:30am Central African Time: I woke up to wind howling again, and had to shut windows. No sooner had I done that, then the rain came pelting down. Poor chicks looked miserable pressed together in the nest. No sign of the parents anywhere. I went back to sleep, knowing that the chicks would at least be safe - albeit drenched - staying in the pot plant.

By mid-morning, the sun was out, and the chicks with their mother, preened and dried their feathers.

THE VOTING FOR NAMES COMPETITION IS ON!! Go to Africam's website to cast your vote today for our "Rehab" Chick. - middle of the page you will see the link to the voting page

Tomorrow, the list of names will come out for the middle chick. On Saturday, the final list of names will be out for the big chick.

If you like a name, even if you think it is already a 'given', please vote.

PM - For a short while this evening, I watched #2 chick standing on the balcony pillar, staring down at me. It snapped its beak a couple of times, and then began immitating me when I did their 'head bopping' trick. It was very funny to see!

Teeny fell out the nest. In his / her rush to get to Mom and food, Teeny was a little over zealous, and toppled out the nest. Unhurt (perhaps its pride was wounded), Teeny then proceeded to explore the balcony floor. There are lots of interesting, new and exciting things in the area, and Teeny took a good look around. Eventually though, Teeny got a little weary and perhaps a bit scared, when the realisation came that unless it could figure out a way to get back to the nest, it was stuck on the floor.

Thankfully tonight was clear with no winds or rain. The other two stayed in the pot most of the time, except when they wanted to stretch their wings and show off on the balcony floor for a bit.

Both parents kept feeding Teeny on the floor, and the other two in the pot. Pot Plant Owl tried to coax Teeny into using the parrot jungle gym as a stepping stone to get up to the nest, but when I was watching, Teeny didn't try it.


  1. I thought there were only 2 chicks in the pot during the thunderstorms that went thru. The storms produced lots of thunder and lightning.
    wHEN DAY broke I WAS SURPRISED that all 3 were in the pot huddled together.

  2. Teeny was squashed at the back / underneathe the other two - very hard to see from the angle of the webcam. We had a better view from our bedroom with a torch.

  3. Hi Tracy.
    I have clicked on the link you put for africam, but cannot see anything that says "voting" on the page.

  4. It's OK, Tracy, I have found it now :-)

  5. It is so comical. They are listening to the parrot talking lol

  6. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!! The new camera view is fabulous :)

    shows teeny in the corner and the netting that keeps them safe - Screen shots from 28-October-2010

  8. I see only Mother and two babies in the pot this morning.

  9. Hi All

    Thanks for all the comments.
    Hi Diana, many thanks for the above link - mnuch appreciated.
    Hi Pands, Teeny is well - on the balcony floor - just posted a picture to show everyone.