Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday 12 October

2:30pm Central African time - Disaster! I was sitting at my desk near the window and heard a strange noise. I looked outside and saw Pot Plant Owl on the floor of the balcony, looking down at one of her chicks. The chick was making a sound I haven't heard an owl make - like a high-pitched squeaking sound. It must have fallen out the nest.

I went outside under an umbrella - Pot Plant Owl staring at me the whole time, but not moving from her chick. I stayed there for a while, trying to see if the chick is injured but I couldn't get closer. It is very hot here today and all 3 chicks were gullar fluttering (panting) all day.

I left the balcony at 3pm. Pot Plant Owl left the chick on the floor (it is the smallest one) and is now sitting on the lip of the pot.

As soon as she leaves the nest, I'll go out and pick the chick up and put it back in the nest. If it is injured, we'll have to take it to a wildlife rehabilitation centre to be seen to. Will keep you updated!


  1. I hope the injuries are not serious, and everything will be alright.
    I am very curious .

  2. i'm affraid its not oke, its still lying there on the ground??? to bad..

  3. jeej i saw it to!! im glad he's oke! :D

  4. Fortunately he is back on his feet, and poops a few minutes ago behind the pot plant ;-)

  5. 20:21
    nice, mom gives the smallest one cricket.
    it seems not so bad, with the smallest ??