Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday 1 November

I slept right the way through until my usual waking, and still found all three chicks on the balcony. Just goes to show that 'human mom' (me) can actually have a full nights rest.

The two bigger chicks in the nest pot plant and Teeny on the floor by his / her owl box. Pot Plant Owl sits on the lip of the pot plant, dozing off.

3pm Central African Time: We've moved the camera angle now for a short time. The 2 chicks jumped out the nest and went to the balcony floor. Pot Plant Owl was in the far pot plant, dozing. Teeny was in the owl box on the floor; chick 2 next to Teeny in the sun (not sure why No.2 decides to sleep in the sun..). Chick 1 saw mom and went and joined her in th far pot plant. The camera view now is of PPO and Chick 1 in the far pot plant. The pot plant is exactly the same size as the nest pot plant - just on the opposite end of our balcony.

And we have our first confirmed result in Africam's Name-the-Chicks Competition. The chosen name for our "Rehab" Chick is ....Teeny! Thanks to all who voted, and thanks to those people whose names were selected for the shortlist. They were all lovely names.

PM - For Highveld standards (where Johannesburg is situated), we experienced a moderate storm tonight. Winds howled and lightning flashed across the sky. There was quite a bit of thunder and activity, but not a lot of rain. Our three chicks braved tonight's storm very well. Teeny was the most sensible of the lot - tucking him / herself in the owl box. The other two chicks huddled together in the nest pot plant. Pot Plant Owl stood guard by the nest - her talons gripping the side of the pot as she clung on, fighting the wind.

Thankfully, the storm didnt last long, and soon all the chicks were back to their 'balcony antics'. Teeny again tried the wooden perch, but gave it up before reaching the top. As quick as a flash after the storm passed, the other two flew to the balcony pillars and sat looking out the night sky.

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  1. Hello,
    I want to know approximately when the chicks leave the nest permanently. Thank you so much for all information you give us and the webcam. It's wonderful to see all the actions of these beautiful birds that are not within our reach.