Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 40 and we mark 11.11.11

Today is 11.11.11 - a significant date in our times for a number of reasons. Our Planet is evolving and changing, and we have to step up too, and embrace this change.

Here, in our small part of the world, this day marks 40 days since our first chick, Merlin, hatched from the egg.

The chicks grow bigger and bolder by the second. For the better part of 3 hours after sunrise, Merlin stood quite happily on the balcony pillar. Timka dozed off on top of the owl box.

It's wonderful to see how independant they are becoming - exploring on their own, finding interesting things to play with, jumping and moving around in broad daylight.

Timka hasn't yet mastered the art of getting back up to the nest, but this is not uncommon. Each year, there is at least one chick who struggles more than the others with this task.

Where a chick may appear 'weaker' in one area, it makes up for it in another area - the balance of Life thus perfectly displayed. So while Timka can't yet climb like Merlin can, Timka displays an intelligent streak by using the owl box for shade and comfort. Merlin remains in the pot in the full sun, even though it can easily hop down to the balcony floor and seek shelter.

They are funny and so interesting to watch. Never a dull moment.


  1. Thank you Tracy for yet another wonderful blog. You are so right about those two and the balance of Life. I really love watching them,it is so beautiful to see how devoted the parents are and how each of the owlets develops in its own unique way. Everytime I see them explore and take new steps, I feel overwhelmed with emotion because it is just so incredible and beautiful.You sure give us so much pleasure with this webcam. Thank you so much! Jonnetje

  2. Thanks so much for all you do and caring for these beautiful owls