Friday, November 18, 2011

My room with a view...

This is my room with a view. The chicks on the pillar as Pot PLant Owl flies in. In the background, you see the wetland where the owls hunt.

Gotta love my office...


  1. Tracy,
    Do you have any idea how envious your friends in chat are?! ;) Thanks for the eye you give us into your wonderful world with PPO, Pappa, and ALL the chicks (past and present) :)

    Ronni - aka Paphappy

  2. Beautiful view and what a great capture! Thanks for sharing this one Tracy :D

  3. WOW....would love to have that view, including the cute chick standing there on the pillar. How wonderful it must be to look out your windows and see these awesome creatures. Thanks for posting!!!

    Lillian (NC)