Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 45 - How cute are we

Timka and Merlin on the 'T-Box' as the owl box is now affectionately known.

Why the 'T-box'?

Because the first owlet to use the box for shelter was Teeny last year. This year, it is Timka who uses the owl box properly. So it seems that whoever has a name beginning with a 'T' uses this box.

Did I tell you my name is Tracy?


  1. Good reasoning :). Sure wish Teeny would come to visit.

  2. Lol Tracy, I am pretty sure you will not fit into that box ;-) I love this picture! Thank you so much for posting it!

  3. thanks, they are so beautiful!!!!!

  4. The babies have grown up so fast. They are beautiful. Thank you for the blog and pictures. I look forward to hearing about the adventures of the PPO Family every day. I am disabled and this really makes me happy! Hugs! Sarah

  5. I love all the information that you share with us. Thank you so very much. The "T" box is really a very special place and I can not wait to see a photo of you up there Tracey! Thanks again. I love your owls. from Atlanta Georgia