Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Special update on Pot Plant Owl

We've all noticed Pot Plant Owl 'coughing', and it has caused concern.

This morning, we went to our vet who has been away recently - an expert Avian Vet, Dr Brett Russell, who is very well-known and highly regarded in his field. He does a lot of work for FreeMe's wildlife - sick / orphaned / injured. We showed him the latest footage of PPO's 'cough' and asked him what he thought.

Brett's advice is rather to be safe than sorry. We must bring PPO in for tests and x-rays.

We contacted FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to come and catch PPO. They have the equipment and expertise to attempt to catch PPO without undue stress on her.

Tomorrow FreeMe will attempt to catch PPO. At this time, we will be switching off the webcam - we don't want any extra 'attention' on the event. I'm sure you can appreciate how delicate this situation is. It is not like taking a tiny sick chick out of the nest - this is much more difficult to accomplish.

If FreeMe is successful at catching PPO, Dr Russell will take over and I'll keep you updated.

As for the chicks: for the moment, they will remain in the pot on the balcony where Pappa should continue to feed them. However we will monitor the situation. If the chicks are not getting sufficient food, their diet will be supplemented under the supervision of FreeMe.

I'm not going to attempt to guess what happens next, as this is completely unchartered waters for us.

All I ask, is that you don't panic or send us a flood of messages asking for updates and expressing concern. PPO is perfectly fine, until tests prove otherwise. And we will cross that bridge if we come to it.

I will keep you constantly updated based on information I receive. Again, I ask that you please not keep on querying directly with me, because I promise you, I will let you know as soon as I know.

Thanks for your understanding.


  1. I know you all are not taking this lightly. Thanks for keeping us updated. Holding thumbs all goes well!

  2. We understand. Taking care of the situation is utmost in the minds of everyone, and you are doing exactly what you should do. We all will wait patiently for notifications as you receive them and pass on to all of us.

    Thank you so much for all you do to provide this wonderful learning experience.

    Lillian (North Carolina)

  3. Thanks Tracey... You have our support.

  4. Thank you for your care and caring for this wonderful owl.
    Will be praying that all goes well both with her health and the speedy return to her family.

  5. This certainly must have been a hard decision for you both. I am glad though that an expert will examine PPO; she sounded so bad this morning. Know that you and she have our prayers and understanding, and I hope that the doctor can resolve this. I will wait for your updates. Thank you Tracy and Allan for all that you do for your owl family and for us.
    Much love,
    Kristin (knaz)

  6. Thank you Tracy and Allan for all you share with us, and all you do for these owls. PPO and her family, and you both, will be in heart and prayers through this.
    Will wait for updates from you. You have my support also.
    purdyfarmsBecky SPO chat

  7. Tracy,

    Thank you for keeping us posted. We all want the best for PPO and her family.


  8. Dear Tracy and Allan,
    I agree with everyone above, the best has to be done for PPO and her family. I understand it is a very difficult decision that had to be made. I hope that PPO will come out of this as good as possible and go on taking care of her beautiful babies.

  9. Hoping all turns out well. Thank you for keeping us posted and for all you do for PPO!!

  10. Hope all will turn out well. Truly appreciate the efforts you are making for PPO and her family. Will patiently wait for your updates.

    Keep well,

  11. We have the PPO in our thoughts and prayers. I know that she will be in good hands.

  12. Thank you Tracy for taking the time to update us. You have my support too. All the best with the project.
    Sending lotsaluv

  13. Thank you Tracy and Allan for taking PPOs best interest to heart. I am positive everything will be ok!!! Ill see you tomorrow and look forward to any news!!! Good luck!!! Hugs, Caboval

  14. Thank you for all the updates and taking care of PPO and her family. You're doing the right thing. I hope things will turn out for the better, and PPO is healthy again soon.