Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 52 and all accounted for

Wonderful to wake up this morning and find one chick on the balcony, and one by the Jasmine bush. I'm starting to think that Timka has a real fetish for flowers - and cars.

Merlin delighted viewers during the day by playing with the shoe on the balcony. This led to some confusion and question marks over whether or not the chick on the balcony is Merlin or Timka.

If one has to look at how the chicks fly, Merlin is a step ahead of Timka. We see Merlin happily fly across to another rooftop, down to a wall, and back up again. Timka's flying (although very good for such a young owlet)doesn't have the grace and finesse of Merlin's. Timka's flying is the 'crash-skid-halt' approach, and the chick hasn't mastered the art of flying right up to the top of a rooftop from lower down - not just yet.

It won't be long before we hope to see have both chicks flying back to the balcony in the early hours of the morning.

The rain is not going to let up, which should make the family less mobile. This is good. It means chicks stay closer to the nest, and we get to see them that little bit longer.

I'm going outside to do the rain dance - note I say RAIN, not hail...

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