Saturday, November 26, 2011

PM - Timka's Flight

We wait with baited breath each year, for the last of the chicks to fly upward towards the rooftops. Once that chick takes the plunge and successfully lands on a rooftop, we know the end is in sight. And with bitter sweet emotions, we prepare ourselves for the inevitable - the chicks will leave us, and soon make their own way in the world.

And so it is tonight, after having just watched Timka fly magnificently up to the rooftop to join Merlin. I didn't want to believe that Timka was ready. I was happier holding on to the thought that Timka needed 'just another couple of days'.

But that's not the way Life works. Life doesn't work on a clock of expectations set out by humans who are not prepared to let go. Life works exactly as it should - prefectly.

Timka flew perfectly because it is just Timka's time now. And however hard my mind tries to convince me that Timka is too little and should be back in the safe environment that is our balcony and their nest, deep down I know that Timka is ready.

I wonder if Merlin and Timka will return to our home tomorrow morning.

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  1. Nature's truly amazing. So blessed to have been part of this magic. Thx, Tracy & Allen, so much.