Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meaning of short list of chick names

I've been asked to provide a list of the meanings of the names that were short listed for the 'Name-the-Chick' competition. A lot of names were submitted without their meanings, which is why they were not included in the short list.

We chose the names on the basis of how they sounded, and if the names were short enough for people to remember and of course type on the chat.

I've looked up some meanings of the names, and they vary according to where the person submitting the name comes from. Thus, is is almost impossible for me to accurately give you what the short list of names mean, without knowing more about who submitted the name.

That said, for fun, here is a list of possible meanings:
Kani - 'music' in Hawaaian
Kizzy - 'cinnamon bark'
Merlin - something to do with a sea fortress, and of course, the well-known wizard from King Arthur's time
Sheba - 'daughter of an oath'
Mika - varies according to origin. In Japanese, mika is 'beaituful smell' and in Hebrew, mika is short for 'Who is like God?'

Manny was the only name in this short list given with an explanation of the name - meaning 'Miss Manners' as in the patient one.

Have fun with the sounds of the name and get voting!

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