Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 50 and Timka leaves on T's day

21 November: It's my birthday and Timka gave me a special present. Dear Timka Pie decided to show me not to worry or concern myself about its safety anymore.

One minute Timka stood on the Pilot's runway looking in the direction of Merlin, who has successfully landed on the neighbour's balcony. The next minute, Timka flew. The chick missed the balcony, but landed quite successfully on the garage roof. With another hop, skip and jump, Timka was up on the balcony with Merlin.

Pot Plant Owl watched the scene unfolding from the far complex. As soon as Timka was on the balcony, PPO flew a little further away, turned to look at her chicks, and gave a 'hoot'. This was Merlin's cue and the chick quickly flew to its mother.

Timka stood watching and pacing on the balcony railing, until the excitement overcame any anxiety Timka may have felt for such a long flight.

Like poetry in motion, Timka unfolded its wings, and took off. I stood watching with my hands covering my eyes, and only squinting out to watch.

Timka surprised me, and not only made the full flight distance, but also succeeded in joining its family. If PPO wasn't proud of her chick then, I don't think she'll ever be capable of feeling like a doting, proud Mum.

Shortly afterwards, the family including Pappa, left and we didn't see them. They may not have been in sight, but ever now and then, we heard a faint hissing sound.

I wonder if we will see the chicks tomorrow?

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  1. Happy Birthday Tracy! It is also my youngest brother's b'day (youngest of six) so an extra special day. Thank you for sharing your wonderful owl family. I can hardly wait 'til next year!