Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 42 and Merlin makes its move...

It's early evening when we first notice Merlin's animated movements . The chick paces up and down in the pot plant, and eventually launches itself onto the balcony pillar. Not content with just standing on the balcony pillar, the adventurous chick flies down to the 'Pilot's wall' below the balcony.

The wall is halfway between the balcony and the patio below. It forms part of the uncovered section of patio, and it is affectionately termed 'the Pilot's wall'. For it is on this very wall, that brave chicks earn their wings. This is often their first chance to test their wings and see if they can become airborne.

Merlin passes the test with flying colours. One minute, I'm watching Merlin run up and down the wall - the next minute, Merlin is a fluffy blur taking off over the garden.

Merlin's first flight is nothing short of magical - swift, straight as an arrow and silent. The 'slight' noise we heard when Merlin careered into the far bushes head first shouldn't detract from the beauty of the moment - it was a brilliant effort!

Still not content with its explorations thus far, Merlin proceedes to fly / hop sections of our garden and the neighbours garden, until it eventually settles on the wall diving our two properties.

There Merlin remaines for the rest of the evening - at least, until we fall asleep.

Timka watches Merlin's flight from the balcony pillar. Our little chick appears chuffed to bits with itself for getting up onto 'Merlin's pillar'. Even take away deliveries from PPO don't appear to satisfy Timka as much as standing on the 'grown up' pillar, looking out onto the night sky.

I go to bed thinking "What will be wake up to?"

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