Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 54 and our chicks fledge!

I didn't expect to find the chicks on the balcony this morning, but I held on to a sliver of hope that a familiar hiss would wake me up. Alas, it was not to be. We searched the garden, the walls and the neighbours garden, and the owl family were nowhere to be found.

The funny thing is, writing this blog entry now, I am not sad anymore. Neither am I in an unconscious state of yearning for the past.

I have accepted, whole-heartedly, that the owls fledged at just the right time. I am grateful that both chicks are strong and healthy, and a little mischievious, with a good dollop of 'Stinky' thrown in. I look forward to seeing my beloved Pot Plant Owl and special Pappa again soon. And I hold on to the picture in my mind of Merlin and Timka making their mark in this world.

This year's breeding season was not only successful, but also truly inspiring. They have been many differences from previous years, which has made the season even more enjoyable.

"To Timka and Merlin! May you be happy and loved wherever you go!"


  1. Howzit.

    Tracy, I have the same sentiments for Timka and Merlin. Let's all make a toast to their successful fledgings and happy lives.


  2. I agree, Tracy and Maxi, let's make a toast to the PPO-family, and their awesome hosts :-)

  3. Sending much love and blessings for both PPO families..
    It has been a most enlightening and loving experience to be able to view them as they grew and for you two, Tracy & Allan, for your open and truly compassionate hearts... You are very special and gifts from God, as the owls are themselves... Thank you so very much!!!
    Your friendly and grateful lurker,

  4. Reading these words a strong feeling of sadness and joy at the same time takes me suddenly, but in the end I'm happy that Merlin and Timka are ready to face the world out there....Thanks Allan and Tracy, I hope to see again PPO and Pappa next year with you