Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 47 and Merlin spreads its wings...

Life amazes me. If you look closely enough, you will see that everything in Life is perfectly timed, in wonderful sync.

Just as we arrived home in the late evening from a work function, we saw PPO feeding Merlin on the top of the neighbour's roof! Merlin had made the big leap onto the tallest object around here - a rooftop.

And to toast the occasion, Allan just happened to have won, this very evening, 'a year's supply of beer' - which is why my car resembles an overburdened donkey trudging wearily home.

I went straight into the Chat and together we all 'cyber-toasted' Merlin's success (with tea).

Timka is progressing in leaps and bounds too. Our little chick still plays and attacks everything it sees, yet remains content to stay put on the balcony at night. And that suits me just fine.

I don't want to say goodbye just yet.


  1. Tracy wanted to say thank you for sharing these beautiful owls with us. We have enjoyed watching from the beginning and seeing the progress these little chicks have made. PPO is a great Mom and so are you. My family and I follow you daily from Massachusetts USA. If not for you we would never of been able to experience natures true beauties. So as Thanksgiving approaches we thank you for letting us into your world of owls. It it truly appreciated. Tina

  2. Oh ... congrats on the win :0)
    I love your updates ... and the latest pics are great .. Thank you!!
    I am not ready to say goodbye either. I just popped in to see how things are at around 1015 pm my time.. 9hrs behind you & I hear little Mr. Timka decided to try a little antics of his own .. lolol.
    Can hardly wait for the story and pics to follow. Hope you have a great day Tracy & Allan ... see you tonight. joanne51 from Burnaby, British Columbia/Canada