Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 32 and stinker attacks me...

Pot Plant Owl is a little stinker!

It's almost 8pm, and we've just arrived home. As I was closing our gate, and heading towards the front door, I felt a powerful thud on the back of my neck. I didn't have to guess what happened. I had just been 'owl struck'.

I've experienced this enough times to know what steely talons making contact with my flesh feels like. It hurts. A lot. And my head rings, or in this case, my neck rolled around.

What could have sparked this unprovoked attack on me was a coughing fit I had just as I got out the car to open the gate. I sounded like a 60-a-day cigarette smoker, and I don't touch the stuff. So perhaps PPO thought I sounded too 'foreign' for my own good, and decided she'd get me out of the territory.

Whatever the reason, PPO is a little stinker. Tomorrow she is getting the silent treatment from me. So there.


  1. I love that she takes her job as protector so seriously. Hope your neck and feelings weren't hurt TOO much :).

  2. do i see branches for the babies to fledge from? you guys are amazing...

  3. How is your neck? Okay I hope. You have natural PPO tattoo's now. Didn't you get dive bombed last year also? :)
    Definitely a stinker we love.

  4. Crazy thought, but...was she maybe just saying Hello to you, Owl-style? She obviously knows who you are and she obviously trusts you both to birth and raise her babies on your balcony. Could she just have been acknowledging your existence? Just a thought.

  5. You have to respect this gutsy gal for challenging a "danger" ten times her size.

  6. She's a little stinker indeed! And no doubt she knows and also trust you as much as a wild owl can.
    Maybe you need those helmets and shields they use in the US during the banding of the peregrines chicks while the furious parents attack (and for a very good reason)!