Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Have your say...

I don't mind criticism. In fact, I welcome it, if it is constructive, because it affords me the opportunity to learn and grow. And that's what we are all here for.

The thing about criticism is that those criticising need to be well-versed in the subject matter, otherwise their critique won't hold any weight.

I woke this morning to find an interesting email in my inbox where a person called Barbara wrote, and I quote, "I want to rain on your parade". Suffice to say that the contents of the email have been addressed, and the issue need not go any further.

My point in bringing this up?

Think carefully about how your message, however well meaning it may be, could be received. And to what end do you level your critique? Do you understand the whole picture? (And sadly, in this case, Barbara did not). Are you really trying to HELP another person and their efforts, or are you trying to break them down?

We are all struggling to make sense of this Life. Most people try to do the best that they know how to, and can do, with the resources available to them.

Remember that before you say anything - especially when you start "I want to rain on your parade".

Peace, Barbara.


  1. There will always be people who,with little or no knowledge,are quick to....advise.However in the 3 years that I have watch you and yours the health and well-being of the owls has ALWAYS come first.
    As we say in in the north (England that is) "more power to your elbow" or keep up the good work.
    yours humbly,
    Graham and Korina

  2. Only raining sunshine on your parade- thank you for all you do and have done to educate others!

  3. There are always one or two who will try to "rain" on your parade. But no one can rain on your's or PPO's parade because you have given them the best you can give. From the bottom of my heart I honestly believe that PPO and Pappa have picked your patio because they can feel your love and compassion. They didn't have to nest there year after year, they could have gone elsewhere. But where else can they go where they know that they have two pair of extra eyes to make sure their chicks stay safe. They know that if they run into a situation that needs more help than they can give you will be there to lend a "hand". You and Allan are the best and no one can ever "rain" on this parade, ever. People who have nothing nice to say, or don't really know what they are talking about, should simple keep their mouths shut. The best tou you and Allan! debbiemango

  4. I'm THRILLED to continue to discover that you have the calm reserve and all the common sense necessary to address the ill at heart bent on proving themselves the one bad apple aiming to spoil things for everyone. Collectively we LOVE you guys and thoroughly appreciate your efforts to protect the owls while allowing us to watch and love them on your dime (both monetarily and monumental efforts). Please continue to keep in mind that you can't please all the people all the time, and anyone who starts a message so offensively has only ugliness on their agenda. You guys ROCK, and we and the owls are the beneficiaries. Never you mind the ugliness. It's not yours to own. Only well wishes for the ones that desire to do harm to folks like you; I can only imagine their misfortune that would in turn drive them to try to spread the darkness all around them. Hugs to you and your family! Know that your supporters are far and wide. We're glad to lift you up in situations such as this. Love and hugs, Michelle

  5. Tracy & Alan, I think you handled the whole situation with class. Know that you have a whole legion behind you. Love you both.

  6. Welcome to Tracy
    I'm very sorry and ashamed for Barbara. Do not pay attention to what she writes. You are wonderful. You show us a family of owls. It is beautiful. Thank you for that.
    Yours sincerely
    Urszula (ulag) / Poland

  7. Dear Tracy and Allan,
    Thanks so much for sharing "your" owls and your thoughts with us over the past few weeks. I feel sad and lonely now that the chicks have fledged, and I miss watching their antics. But good for them - they have so much to discover! I pray that God will bless them and keep them safe in that big wide (scary) world out there. Now we wait patiently for the next batch of eggs and chicks in 2012, and trust that PPO and Pappa will return to us safely to entertain us and brighten our days again.
    As for what that silly woman said, please don't let it worry you. Her words have no effect on PPO, Pappa, Merlin or Timka, and that is what counts. Those owls somehow know that you are wonderful, kind, caring people, and I am sure that they chose your balcony for that reason.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and an owl-filled, happy and healthy 2012.
    Vanessa xxxXXXxxx

  8. Tracy, Michelle said it perfectly!!! There are always that "one bad apple" out there that have nothing better to do than be negative. It happens when you share your world with others. But I have nothing but love honor and respect for what you have done and to try and save the land on which they live!!! KUDOS to YOU!!!! You are the better person Tracy and you handled it beautifully.
    With love and peace, Caboval

  9. I agree with Pickles; the owls wouldn't come back year after year if they felt threatened or in danger. You provide a safe haven. And you provide opportunities for all of us to learn and marvel at these incredible birds. You also provide a safe haven for us! and we keep coming back year after year too.
    Have a wonderful holiday and new year. Debgboo

  10. Carry on doing what you are doing. It is a highlight for me to watch each year the owl goings-on. You are doing a wonderful job. All the very best from New Zealand :)

  11. PPO is more than able to weather some rain.

    We have seen the photos! lol

  12. Well, what I'd like to say is that Tracy and Allen and PPO qualify for http://www.festivalofowls.com/worldowlhalloffame.htm but I can't access it because it's MicroWord. If somebody who can open the nomination form, I think PPO should absolutely be in the mix for mention. And, the past winners make for wonderful reading - great activists for owls and owl habitat.


  13. As others have said Tracy, you have handled Barbara's comments admirably. We know that you care for PPO and her family with minimal intrusion but have been her Guardian Angel when absolutely necessary. We also know that you care for the environment and wildlife in general. You and Allan are kind and generous and do the very best you can for PPO, for the nearby wetland and for us, PPO's followers. We love you both and will support you. I hope Barbara comes to understand the role you both play and is able to share the enjoyment of PPO that you offer. As for the owls' hall of fame, I'll definitely vote for you :-)

  14. Keep up the wonderful work you're doing! Though in everyone's life, there's rain, there are also rainbows. . . so beautiful and embracing that you feel exuberant when you see one. That is what your work has done for us and, most importantly, for the owls and the other endangered beings. People like you bring joy to many, many people; you teach us so much; you share your caring and knowledge. I admire you both so very much, and I have spent a great deal of time watching the care of PPO and Papa for their young and the babies grow and develop, able to do that because of your generosity and willingness to share your interest with the whole world. Getting to know others from all over the world (a big part of it!)who share this fascination also brings a great deal of peace. We are all one, and you exemplify this spirit. Thank you so very much! And keep knowing how much you're admired!

  15. Well, this "Barbara" doesn't agree with that "Barbara". Tracy and Allen have done a wonderful job and allowed us chatters to enter their home. I say GOOD JOB and thanks for the wonderful memories that we can carry with us always.Barbara Weaver aka Phlebldy

  16. Oh Tracy when we open your homepage your last post is about this bad critic. I would like so much to finish the season with some thing more happier. You posted so often so funny discriptions who made us laugh that I am quite desperate to finish with such a sad post. We are so thankfull that you shared your owls with us and all you do for them and us to take part of your and their lives. Thank you so much and if you come running the Paris maraton tell us so that you don't have to be in a hotel with bad connections. Have a nice Christmas time Ursula

  17. I believe there are special human beings who transcend their species and draw other species to them. You and Allan both have that magical thing that drew PPO and Papa to your balcony who trusted their babies to you year after year, just as you have drawn so many great people to your side in a safe and wondrous website. Though it is unpleasant to encounter people like your "Rain Parader", one can only feel sorry for someone like that who derives joy by causing pain to others.
    As so many before me have said, you and Allan are greatly admired and appreciated by countless people who see the wonder in you.

    Chin up and have a Lovely Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

    Your friend,