Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunday 07 November

03h30 Central African Time. Indie is back on the balcony! We are up early, and looked onto the balcony. Teeny's in the pot, and one chick on the pillar behind the nest tree. We rush downstairs to see who is still in the garden/roof, and see Jelani still above the braai area on the patio. Its amazing that Indie made it all the way back to the balcony on the first night out. Way to go Indie!

18h00 Central African Time: Indie wastes no time in jumping onto the balcony railing. It seems Indie is scouting for a new area to explore tonight - let's hope our chick remains in the immediate area. Teeny spent a short time on the owl box roof this afternoon, and played with its shoe for a bit too. Then Teeny got back in the nest where it is waiting for food, glorious food.

Jelani is in the mood for an adventure tonight. One minute Jelani was by the braai, the next minute it was on the patio floor, a few metres from our open lounge room door. We froze as Jelani landed a few feet from us, and casually peered inside. For a second, I thought Jelani was going to walk right in, but the chick turned its attention to the garden instead. Jelani flew onto the grass and began the funny walk / run we've seen it do on the balcony floor. Jelani ran the length of the garden and found a bird bath amongst the bushes. The chick hopped onto the bird bath, and stood there for a bit, before jumping straight into the flower bed behhing. "I'm going to have some fun tonight!" it seemed to say.

After playing for a while, Jelani turns its attention to our wall. Jelani spreads its wings and confidently flies the length of the garden again, and up to the wall. As soon as Jelani lands on the wall, the excitement becomes too much for Indie, who flies straight down to join its sibling on the wall.

We watch a funny and touching reunion between Jelani and Indie, who have been separated for a few days. They jump on top and over one another, and play together as the sun sets behind them. Allan took pictures which will be uploaded shortly.

Teeny continued making the biggest noise I've heard from that little body. Teeny wanted food, and lots of it. Despite being well-fed last night, I think Teeny needs extra food for a growth spurt it seems to be having.

Botth parents feed the chicks - two on the wall, and Teeny in the nest. Later in the evening when we do our usual head-count, we findd Indie still on the wall, Teeny in the pot,and Jelani back by the braai. Perhaps the braai area is a comfort zone for Jelani now?


  1. good girl Indie, you are very clever. another proud moment. what a shame weve missed it, Tracy thank you so much for keeping us updated with their progress, really appreciate it so much. (known as nzowllover)

  2. Hi Tracy and Alan its so sad that we are missing the first (steps) flight of the babies but thanks so much for the up date very much appreicated. Hope Telkom move fast, holding thumbs

  3. So happy to know that things are progressing so well with the owlets. Thank you Tracy & Alan for keeping us updated until the cam is back online. Please tell Teeny to stay put until repairs are made so we can see at least one of them take its first flight!!

  4. Isn't it funny-these precious little bundles have so many doting "godparents". Can't wait to see them again!

  5. That news is so thrilling. Is it just me that can not see our little friends.. gosh I don't know what to do with myself!! Miss that cam. Thank you for the updates.

  6. It's exciting to read all of India, Jelani and Teeny.
    I miss the owls.
    But it's great that you take the difficulty to tell us here on the blog.
    Thank you for that.
    I hope a little teeny waits to fly if the repair is finished, I hope tomorrow.
    Best regards

  7. I am missing this wonderful family. I love them to bits!! :-)

  8. I am so hoping you get your internet back tomorrow, I miss these little babies so much. They are the center of my life right now. Thanks for all the updates - do you have any pictures to share with us?

  9. Thank you very much for all the updates. Thanks for this blog, I don't need worry about owlets all day long. But missing this great moment is so sad. They keep running with big strides! I am so proud of them as antie.
    Lunchtime in Japan is just dawn in South Africa so I have enjoyed early birds' song, Ibis's laughter and owlets brakfast scene...I hope I can see them soon again.