Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday 12 November

Early morning: Teeny and Jelani are sitting with Pot Plant Owl when I wake this morning. I can see Pappa on the nearby rooftop, but I can't see Indie anywhere. Pot Plant Owl is looking relaxed and seems not to be worried about Indie. This is a good sign because it means that wherever Indie is, the parents know where to look after him / her.

Teeny and Jelanie have spent the morning resting in the nest. It is quite likely that Jelani will follow Indie in the next day or two, and leave Teeny on the balcony for another few days. Any day now, we will be saying goodbye to all of them.

Last night, Teeny flew from the balcony floor up to the pillar and balcony railing. Teeny made it all the way up there without crashing down. Well done Teeny! For most of the evening, Teeny chose to stand on the pillar on the far side of the balcony. We tried moving the camera to show you Teeny, but it is not well-lit so it was hard to see our Teeny.

Jelanie demonstrated great flying skills as it flew from balcony to rooftop, back to balcony again. Indie seemed to want to 'adventure' further as its name suggests, and spent most of the evening out of sight, occasionally popping up on the roof for a few moments.

Pot Plant Owl and Pappa had a tough time keeping track of their chicks. We were woken up by PPO's alarm call which sounded for a while, but didn't see anything unusual. Perhaps it was Mamma's instructions to Indie to keep close.

PM - We caught a glimpse of Indie in the early evening on a nearby roof. Indie was with Pappa, and looked quite well. As soon as it could, Jelanie took off to join Indie and Pappa, leaving Teeny on the balcony alone.

I knew it was going to happen by Teeny's body language. Teeny appeared frustrated at being alone, and anxious to join the rest of the family. Pot Plant Owl fed Teeny well, perhaps in an effort to distract Teeny. But our Teeny has a mind of its own (don't they all?), and had other things planned. Teeny opened its wings and gracefully exited the balcony. When Teeny landed in the neighbour's garden, that was the end of Teeny's graceful spell.

We watched Teeny flap, hop and jump on the grass. The garden only has grass - there are no trees, plants or shrubs. We waited to see if Teeny would be able to find its way onto the wall, and hopefully back into our garden, but the wall is too high at this stage (over double the height of the balcony pillar). For Teeny's safety, we took the decision to return Teeny quickly back to the nest. We picked Teeny up and quickly marched it back to the balcony, and put him / her down on the floor. A minute later, Teeny was back on the balcony pillar, calling for food. Pot Plant Owl came in with food. Moments after Teeny was back on the balcony, Indie flew to the neighbour's roof, so Teeny was happy again.

The next time Teeny flies off, which may well be tomorrow night, we won't return Teeny to the balcony. If Teeny lands in our garden or on our wall, we will just let Nature take its course. Our garden is quite safe, and there are lots of things Teeny can use to flap / climb onto to get more height. If Teeny lands in the neighbour's garden again, and can't get up to the wall, we will put Teeny on the wall, and again let Nature take its course from there.

The reason we brought Teeny back last night was based on watching Teeny's behaviour before the flight. Teeny was just trying to get to the family, rather than deciding that it wanted to explore the surroundings, and learn to fly. As you will see from the pictures we will post of Teeny now, Teeny is still quite small in comparision, and has done a lot less wing flapping and balcony hopping than the others. Fingers crossed that Teeny waits a few days before attempting it again.

We didn't see Indie before retiring this evening, but we are sure Indie is well and learning to hunt with Pappa.


  1. We will miss them a lot but I find comfort in the fact that Nature continues her cycle.

  2. Oh how I hate to see that happen, but yet be happy that they are healthy enough to go on their own. It is sort of a bitter sweet thing for me. It has been such a fun and learning experience. Thank you so much for sharing. I will miss them all, and look forward to PPO and Husband returning next season with my fingers crossed!

  3. Tracy & Allan, I'm is pleased you took that beautiful photo of Indie yesterday in case she/he does not return. As for fighting the wetland destruction I suggest you try the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust Although a UK organisation they do work overseas - currently saving the pochard in Madagascar.
    Also maybe the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
    and the BBC/Open University Saving Species They do active work and also have a radio programme so maybe the BBC could give you some publicity.
    Of course there is also WWF

    Just some thoughts to try and help 'our' owl family. Janet

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us the photos and write-ups about this owl family. I've learned so much about them and how they live. I too will miss them and miss hearing about their antics every day, but I'm pleased that they are growing and will soon be out on their own. Even Teeny. You have no idea how many people around the world have been touched by watching these owl babies and their parents!
    Linda, Florida, USA

  5. ok is there supposed to be someone walking around behind that brick pillar where one of the babies perches? I saw a man walking around down there. Scared Jelani and I don't know where he went to now.

  6. A few hours ago I saw people walking about the gardens shinning torches and Teeny and one of its siblings was watching. Will that upset them??

  7. Thanks for all the comments. You would have probably seen Allan walking around the garden below the balcony with a torch - looking for Indie. No, it won't scare the chicks.

    Jifirm - thanks so much for the contact details you have given. I will follow them up. Many thanks!