Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday 5 November

Pot Plant Owl has an alarm call, that sounds like a high-pitched 'whoop'. In the early hours of this morning, we hear Pot Plant Owl's alarm call, and get up to investigate. It turns out to be nothing (that we can see, anyway), so we got back to sleep.

Up again at 04h30 to look for Jelani and make sure it is in a safe spot for the day. We find Jelani on our braai area (BBQ area) below the balcony on the patio. Jelani scrambled up and made it all the way to the balcony, but it was on the wrong side of the netting around the balcony balustrading, so it dropped back down to the braai. Immediately, we went out onto the balcony under an umbrella, and took the netting off the balustrading on the side near Jelani. If/ when Jelani attempts it again, he/ she will be able to squeeze through the bars and get onto the balcony.

08h00 Central African Time: Indie and Teeny sit happily together in the pot, with mom. Jelani is safe, tucked away on the patio below.