Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pic - 13 Nov Family Portrait

Family Portrait.
Our proud mom, Pot Plant Owl, Teeny, Jelani and Indie behind Jeli.
This may well be the last picture we get of all the chicks together with their mom.
Pity we can't get Pappa to fly in for a quick snap.


  1. Beautiful photo! :)
    I've been sharing the petition site every 2 days or so, on my Facebook. I was # 832. My mom (# 974) and my SO (# 973) signed up too, and then it went fast. I saw several of my FB friends who signed the petition, and I was awed to see that today there are 6400+ people who signed the it. :) I hope we can all make a difference. :)

  2. Beautiful pic of the Family! :-)
    I have sent the petition to everyone I know and asked them to send it to everyone that they know. I hope you get the full target!

  3. VICTORY!!! You got the full target and more tonight.
    I'm so happy!!! :-))))
    A big thank you to all and everyone!

    Always love your pics and comments.

  4. 4:14AM I just watched two of the youngesters fight over some morsel of food brought to the brick pillar by one of the them. It was a bit of take it away and then tug of war. At that moment, they both fell off the pillar. I do hope they are o.k. because it was not a flight, it was a fall.