Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday 2 November

Africam's naming competition is drawing to a close. Later today, we will get the second name, with hopefully the final name tommorow. I'll be quite relieved when we know the other two names, because I do feel sorry for our bigger chicks. "Chick 1" and "Chick 2" are really not descriptive, nor do these nicknames do the chicks' any justice.

Just before the naming competition began, the two chicks looked quite different. One chick had a much darker face; the other a distinguishable white chin. Over the last week, both chicks have changed features and are now looking much more similar to one another. So for those that are confused: "Chick 1" is the chick that goes walk-about more and will choose the far pot plant to sit with its mom. His / her name will be posted on the Africam website shortly.

Teeny was very cute this morning. The other chicks were preening in the nest pot plant, while Mom watched them from the lip of the pot. Not wanting to miss out on the action, Teeny came and sat on his / her tail feathers at the base of the pot plant. Both feet were in front of its body and slightly off the ground, and it was dozing off.

PM - What a treat! for anyone that missed tonight's antics, all I can say is, keep your eyes peeled to this webcam. If you blink or grab a coffee, you may miss something cute, spectacular, funny, or adventurous.

It began with Jelani. Before the sun set, Jelani was up on the perch around the pot, 'flexing' its wings and getting ready for the night. With a quick flap / hop combo, Jelani was up on the pillar behind the nest tree.

Teeny was the next one to explore. For a while Teeny ran around the balcony floor, and the next minute we saw Teeny standing on top of the owl box roof! First time ever for Teeny to make it up to another level. Teeny stood there looking ever so pleased with him / her self, and rightly so.
Both parents came in with lots of food for Teeny. Our webcam viewers were spoilt with great fly-ins from the parents, and Teeny eating and balancing on the roof at the same time.

After the 4th or 5th food delivery to Teeny, chick 2 had enough and decided that sitting in the nest patiently waiting wasn't going to get it fed. So chick 2 moved out of the nest, closer to Teeny.

Pot Plant Owl flew in with something sizeable, and the next minute, all three chicks flew across and down to the balcony floor to eat. Mom stripped pieces, and each chick got something to eat. It was incredible to watch!

The evening continued with all three chicks changing positions, exercising their wings and investigating their territory.


  1. lol Tracy.
    I would have loved to have seen a pic of that! :-)

  2. Awww..wish you had a picture of Teeny like that! Makes you wana grab him/her and pinch her cheeks! ;) lol <can you tell i'm a Gramma?)~~Paphappy-Ronni