Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pic - Our final Chick 2

This is our dear chick that is still waiting for you to vote for his / her name. You can still vote on Africam now so please do it.
See how this chick doesn't have the black mask around its face (yet) like Jelani does. Hopefully you can identify each chick now.
Photo courtesy of our friend Charmaine Rowland, who says she is available for autograph signing too - lol


  1. Petition signed and sent!! We are fortunate to live in a state with very strict controls over wetlands and very hefty fines for those who violate but even so they are disappearing in nearby states at an astounding rate. One would think that if everyone could see the close-ups of each of "our babies", it might make a difference.
    A quick question-since we see the nighttime activity the most here, it seems like you have an extraordinary number of storms there. Is this a typical spring for you or is this excessive? We do get storms in spring/summer with thunder and lightning but nothing like you have!!