Monday, November 1, 2010

Pic -31 Oct Teeny on the floor by the base of the nest

Teeny on the floor by the wooden perches, looking not-so-teeny.
Photo courtesy of our friend Charmaine Rowland


  1. Photos all wonderful. Thanks for posting them and thanks to your friend for taking them - she's got some amazing shots :-)
    Good to see Teeny looking so well. Falling out of the pot might have been a blessing in disguise. I think it may have accelerated his development and forced him to look after himself (using the owl box; defending his shoe). It might have been a long time before he felt strong enough to leave the nest in controlled circumstances. Good to know he is trying to climb back though as I think a few snuggles with his siblings would be good too. JanetX

  2. He is looking wonderful now :) Beautiful pics, thank you.

  3. Love all the pics, thank you and thanks to your friend.
    I think I agree with JanetX. ;)

  4. Teeny is just adorable! It is so hard to realize that these beautiful creatures are wild. I just pray that the developer will be stopped in his tracks!