Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monday 8 November

All chicks are back on the balcony! We woke this morning to find Teeny sitting with Indie, and Jelani sitting in the far pot plant. The family look quite relaxed and happy. I bet Jelani is pleased not to be hanging around the patio area by itself anymore.

We chased up our internet service provider this morning to find out when our line will be back again, so we can commence with the live webcam streaming. Apparently, the fault is a computer error on their side. It has been red-flagged so hopefully it will be sorted out some time today. Fingers crossed- this is African after all.

Please remember to spread the word about our Save-the-Wetland petition. The link to sign the petition is on the blog page of the same name posted last week.

It was Teeny's night to explore the balcony pillar by the nest. Once up on the pillar, Teeny sat there with Indie. Teeny spent most of the evening looking out - quite still and settled on the pillar. Just as we were going to sleep, Teeny decided to be more adventurous and walk along the balustrading. The railing is much thinner, and Teeny of course hasn't had the experience of balancing a lot like the other two chicks have. Thankfully, Teeny decided after a few minutes to go back to the wider pillar, and I could think about going to sleep again.

Indie and Jelani spent their time jostling for prime position on the three balcony pillars. Pot Plant Owl and Pappa couldn't keep up with the constant movement and position shift, and eventually flew in with a big rat, and left it on the balcony floor. Instantly, both chicks forgot about the prime location 'fight' and flew to the floor to eat. Amicably, they shared the food - tearing off strips and swallowing the food.


  1. Keeping fingers crossed here. I am missing them so much.

  2. wow, what lovely news, thanks so much. love the pic of jelani about to come right in!!

  3. Thank you so very much for the photos, and information, I am really frustrated about not being able to watch those babies!! Terrible to depend on it so much isnt it? LOL. Loved the pictures, word is getting out on the wetlands.