Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sunday 14 November

05h00 Central African Time: We wake to find Teeny downstairs on the patio below the balcony. Indie and Jelani are with mom on the roof nearby. Teeny tries to flap / claw its way up the brick to the balcony above, but doesn't make it, and flops back down into the pot plant on the braai area.

Teeny then decides that the next best way to get back up to the balcony, is to come inside the house. Like last night, Teeny stands right by the glass sliding door of our lounge, and tries to push inside the house. When we came downstairs to find Teeny trying to get inside the house, Teeny looked up at us and tried again - even more forcefully to get inside. Allan took a few photos which we'll post on the blog soon.

By this stage, Indie and Jelani are safely in the nest on the balcony. We decide to get the owl box from the balcony (thankfully positioned right at our door) and offer it to Teeny downstairs, so Teeny has something 'familiar' there. We carry the owl box and put it by the braai area where Jelani and other chicks have stayed for a day or two.

Teeny is now sitting on the bird bath in the thick of the bushes at the end of the garden. Pot Plant Owl is on the wall above Teeny, so he / she is being looked after. Let's hope Teeny has the sense to go back to the patio, and sleep in its comfortable owl box.

09h00 Central African Time: Teeny has settled down, and is dozing off in the sun near the braai / BBQ area on the patio. Pot Plant Owl remains in our Acacia tree, keeping a close eye on her little chick. Indie and Jelani are snoozing happily in the pot plant nest. All is good.

PM: Teeny is a pilot! When Indie and Jelani left the nest in the early evening, and flew to the neighbour's roof, Teeny had enough of waiting. It spread its wings and took a long flight across the driveway and landed on the neighbour's garage roof. The garage wall is half the height of the main house, but in order to get to the garage roof, Teeny still had to fly upwards. The fact that Teeny managed to do this, is testament to the fact that Teeny is getting stronger by the day, and will soon fly like its siblings.

For the most part of the early evening Central African Time, Teeny remained on the garage roof, Indie and Jelani on the main house roof, and the parents feeding all the chicks.

On the Chat room tonight, we found out that our Save-the-Wetland petition has reached over 15 000 signatures! We are thrilled by the response and thank you all so much for your efforts to spread the word. Every signature / comment is greatly appreciated!


  1. Lovely thanks so much for taking the time to keep us upated will be sad when they fledge the nest

  2. I really love this little family and going to miss them really badly when they decide to leave!! :-(
    This is the very first time I have ever seen a Spotted Hawk Owl and what a beautiful bird it is!

  3. This may be redundant but I am curious- 1.if the owls return to familiar territory to raise their own families are there other owls nesting near to you? and 2. have you ever seen(been able to recognize) any of the fledglings from previous years? 3. Do you think Teeney will survive in the "wild"? He/she seems so less adept than the siblings.
    Finally, again I say thanks for the wonderful "foster parenting" you provide to your little brood and for sharing it with us.

  4. Tracy, I just love how you describe Teeny trying to get the door to your home open! I have this picture in my mind of him/her stomping his little talons walking up the steps to get to the balcony door. I read it to hubby and he was laughing too! Thanks again for taking such wonderful care of the owlets and letting us into your home and sharing these wonderful creatures with us!
    Ronni - Paphappy

  5. Tracy.
    Has Teeny found her way back to your balcony?? I have been thinking about her/him all day being down in your garden wondering how to get back to Mam and the pot!! :-(