Friday, November 5, 2010

Pic - 5 Nov Jelani's new roosting spot

05h30 Central African Time: Jelani settling down on the ledge by our braai (BBQ) area. In past years, the chicks have made us of the pot plant container to the right of the picture.


  1. This reminds me of the Little and Big One when they decided to explore. I remember clearly the 2 sitting in the rain, looking very sorry for themselves. Jelani is smelling his 'older' siblings. I am excited with a sad heart. I know their Angels are taking care of them, but it is not nice to see them getting ready to leave and spread their wings...

  2. What a wonderful sight that must have been to see Jelani's first flight.

  3. Hi Panda
    It's incredible watching the little ones learn how to fly. Some attempts are comical; others are nerve-racking to watch. I think Teeny might be in the latter category- lol.