Friday, November 5, 2010

Please accept our sincere apologies for the unforseen circumstances. Our internet provider has a problem and we have been advised that it should be fixed early next week! We will be regularly updating the blogg and putting pictures on but no live camera for a while!!

07.00 pm Friday 5/11/10.

Quick update - All chicks are good. Jelani is still on the braai and is being fed by both parents! Teeny is on the owl box roof crying for food as usual! Indie is on the balcony pillar looking quite content. Mom is feeding everyone now and it looks like its going to be a quiet evening with hopefully not too much activity. Will do more regular updates on Usteam chat room even without videos.

Thanks very much!! Will be in touch soon!


  1. Thanks PPO.
    I have had no cam all day and thought it was my comp that was playing up again! :-)
    Nice to hear that all three are doing well.

  2. good to hear that they all three do well.
    Hopefully the repair can take quickly

  3. We will see you soon, you take care! we <3 you!

  4. Thanks all - and please keep checking in for live feed again.