Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday 6 Nov

We woke up to Pot Plant Owl's alarm call, and rushed out of bed to look. Two cats were innocently walking near the driveway, but obviously this was too close for mom's liking. The cats quickly scampered.

Like in previous years when the chicks left the balcony and couldn't get back up, Jelani sits on the braai (BBQ) area below the balcony. Jelani appears quite content and by 8am, was fast asleep lying on its belly on the wall. It looked very cute.

Both Teeny and Indie snuggled together in the nest. It seems like Indie has grown overnight and is looking so much like an adult owl now. There is very little difference in height between PPO and Indie, as I discovered when Indie stood up next to its mom in the nest. Indie is also developing a 'cheeky' personality - knocking Teeny out the way, or biting mom's tail. No-one is harmed, but if owls can get irritated, I'm sure both Teeny and PPO are getting there.

It was Guy Fawkes Night last night - my worst time of the year. The fireworks every year send many pets, animals and birds into frenzies, trying to escape the noise. Thankfully, in our area this year, there were were very fire crackers lit. And 'our' owl family didn't seem too bothered by the noise. I wish they would do away with Guy Fawkes Day - I really do.

Other than the above, not much else new to report on the babies. Our Internet problem MAY be sorted out todday, but it is more likely on Monday or Tuesday. Please bear with us and keep checking in. Thankfully, using the cell phone allows me to update this blog, but it won't hold streaming a live webcam.

Will update with pics later.


  1. Thanks PPO.
    Nice to hear they are all still doing well, I miss the webcam though :-(

    I didn't realise you celebrate Guy Fawkes in Africa like us here in UK :-) Quite a few families around where I live set fireworks off and the local Rugby Ground has a wonderful display every year.

  2. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Appreciate it so much. We have fireworks on the 4th of July here in the U.S. and my parrots hate them and so does my dog. He barks the entire evening. They shoot them off the entire week. I think it should be outlawed. Many ads on Craigslist after the celebrations and they all say their pet got spooked and ran and some of them are never found. Sad.

  3. Thank you so much for the updates. I miss seeing the owls live, but love reading the blog.

  4. thanks for the lovely update. last night here some chatters got creative and we made up stories about what the owls were doing? each one fininshing the other's thought. it was really hilarious and creative. so glad all is well there. we miss you. elsalynda

  5. I've been watching the cam off and on since we're back from vacation (October 11), but didn't read the blog until today. The cam is down anyway. ;) I also signed the petition and put it on my FB wall. I hope lots of people will start signing it since the Wedlands should be saved.
    Thank you very much for all the updates and the opportunity to watch PPO and her family. I love it! :)

  6. Thanks for keeping us posted on the little ones, I miss seeing them, can hardly wait for the cam to be up again! Looking for new pics of those darlings. I sent out over 300 emails to sign the petition, then sent a follow-up again with a couple pics of these baby owls - maybe that will trigger someone with a soft spot to sign!!! I signed under 2 different emails!!