Saturday, November 6, 2010

PM Friday 5 Nov

The rest of the evening has passed by uneventfully. Jelani flew across from our perimeter wall to the neighbour's wall. The distance is approx 8 metres along a horizontal path, and Jelani managed it perfectly. For the remainder of the evening, Jelani stood on the wall -occasionally walking from one side to the other. Pappa flew in and fed Jelani while Pot Plant Owl did the food drops to the nest.

Teeny didn't leave the nest all evening until we went to sleep. The nest provides a perfect view if the gardens and Jelani below, so Teeny was quite happy to sit and watch. Teeny's eye is looking good - I saw Teeny this afternoon keeping its one eye closed, but there is nothing wrong with it.

Indie spent the night hopping between the pillar by the nest and the railing. Indie is definitely looking like any day now, it will take off.

There was a lot of hooting from both parents, and Pappa remained in the area for most of the early part of the evening.

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