Saturday, November 6, 2010

Indie's First Flight 06 November

In the early evening, we watched as Indie took up its usual position on the pillar behind the nest pot plant. Teeny snoozed in the nest. Jelani stood on one leg by the braai/BBQ area. We went inside to fetch something. We were gone for not even 2 minutes, and when we returned, Indie was no-where to be found. Teeny sat calmly in the pot plant, waiting for food. By PPO's movements, we found Indie standing on the neighbour's balcony pillar - the same flight distance as Jelani's first flight. A tremendous feat! Jelani stayed right by the braai area on the patio. I almost got hit on the head by PPO for being in the garden - a warning to keep away. We fell asleep with the chicks in 3 different areas.


  1. loving the updates!!!

    your love for the owls shines brightly through your blog posts ... lucky you ~ luckier owls, to have such wonderful guardians!

  2. Tracy.
    You nearly had a sore head then lol Keep well away, Mam has warned you!! :-)

  3. Wonderful that two chicks have made such successful flights - well done Jelani and Indie! If I recall correctly when they both ventured on to the balcony it was Indie who found her way back to the nest first (must be a girl - so smart!). I hope Jelani comes 'home' soon. As you say Tracy, hard for PPO and Pappa to care for and feed 3 chicks in potentially 3 different places with two of them liable to keep moving. Looking forward to seeing them all again soon on the webcam. Meanwhile Tracy, thanks for your updates. Janet :-)

  4. (((Tracy)))
    Thank you for the updates! It is comforting to know that the owlets are doing well. Be careful....sounds like Mama was going easy on you with the warning lol. Hope to chat with you soon. ^@v@^ Bigsis917