Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pic - 3 Nov Jelani in far pot plant

Jelani in far pot plant


  1. Some beautiful photographs!! Well done!! They are some fine looking babies, but look at their parents. I signed the petition, posted on facebook, and sent to my friends that are not on FB. I saw the baby looking out into those beautiful wetlands, and what ashame it would be to have them destroyed. I hope I can help you, the wildlife and the ecology in some small way from my part of the world. Your friend iwannafly:)

  2. Great photographs of our owlets - they all are so cute and interact so nicely with each other. Good to know they all have appropriate names now; they deserve that! The photo of Jelani looking over the wetlands is very poignant -- maybe you can use that in promoting the campaign to save the wetlands. Of course I have signed the petition and will be sending it on to friends. Janet

  3. lol Oh for goodness sakes, it is laying on its back pretending to be asleep with one eye open!!! lol
    It is a little poser!!! rofl lol :-)

    Great pic! :-)

  4. OMG Tracy look at that baby - is Jelani laying on her back? I am so enjoying your pictures and sharing this journey with the family. Thank you and hope e1 signs the petition to save the wetlands. Terri >^..^<