Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pot Plant Owl E-book has arrived

Finally - the first place where you can purchase an e-book version of "Pot Plant Owl", is through Ellibs Bookstore.

For those that have requested the e-book information, here is the link:

Quick chick update:
We saw Jelani and Teeny last night, playing and hunting in the three gardens around our home. Pot Plant Owl fed them once, and left. Shortly afterwards, the chicks followed suit and we didn't see them for the rest of the evening.


  1. Thank you for the update and E-book link. It sounds like they are growing up. PPO and Pappa will have hunting lessons to teach now, a busy time for them I'm sure. Indie, Jelani and Teeny, the mighty hunters! - LandofAnne.

  2. I am glad that they are doing well. It's interesting how Jelani and Teeny have bonded - big sister looking after baby brother? We will never know. Thanks for keeping us updated, Tracy - we are all missing those babies and their ever attentive parents.

    Thanks for the e-book link as well.

  3. I was reading back in your blog this evening, and wanted to mention that after seeing the photo of Pappa, October 22 again, that it is an excellent photo of a wonderful owl.

  4. Thanks for the information Tracy. I am glad you have the opportunity to see the family of owls a little bit, and that you are still able to give us updates. Although I am lost as to where to go since the web-cam went down, I thought about how difficult it must be for you. To spend so much time with them, and especially little teeny. It seems like nature has been kind to you by letting you see them a little bit and then less and less.. probably makes it easier for when they are gone on their own for good. Can't wait to see the photos, and thanks again for all that you do and all that you and Allan have done!! Any word on the wetland petition? Lori

  5. Hi All

    Thanks for your comments. We will continue running the wetland petition until we need to present it, which will be early next year. I haven't checked the latest tally this weekend, so not sure what it is doing.

    It is hard to say goodbye when we see them 24/7. But it is getting easier with each year. We know what good parents PPO and Pappa are, which eases our anxiety and sadness somewhat. But it is never nice saying goodbye, which is why we treasure these brief glimpses of them that we are getting now.

    Take care all!