Monday, November 22, 2010

The webcam is off

It was with heavy hearts that we switched the webcam off at 19h00 yesterday - ending over three months of Pot Plant Owl's 'reign' of our balcony.

Our goodbyes were said to everyone following the webcam. Despite both Allan and I hiding from cameras at the best of times, we agreed to put the link on here for those people who could not watch the finale. Here it is:

This link was given to us all by Birdheart from the chat - many thanks Bird!

In the next week or so, we will post a couple more pictures of our chicks from this year.

And for those wishing to help with our Save-the-Wetland campaign, please continue to pass on the link for our petition. If you are wanting any information to send to media (your local papers, magazines and news stations), please email me on

Thanks so much everyone and will chat again soon!


  1. Thank you so much Tracy & Allan for sharing this wonderful clutch with us. I just wish I had found your site earlier!

    I look forward to next year and wish you success in your fight against the developer that wants to destroy the owls wetlands.

    Thank you again!!

  2. As I've said before, you are the most wonderful people. PPO is so lucky to have found your patio knowing that you are caring people. We look forward to updates, and have contacted Africam about how much we have enjoyed watching PPO. Take care!

  3. The more I think about Teeny, the more I think he will survive, even though he was disadvantaged from the beginning. If he is the only owlet to know what the owl box was for, and if he survived his other escapades with ingenuity, luck and some help from his foster parents, Tracy and Allan, I think he will do well. He was the only owlet to really take to Buster the shoe, and the only one who "climbed" back up to the nest when his little wings wouldn't work. Who else faced down a cat? Who else knew that gardens were for strolling in? Fly high and fly free, little Teeny, and show the world what a clever owlet you really are.