Thursday, November 11, 2010

PM Wed 10 November

The chicks from last year loved playing with things. They walked into our open garage, and came out dragging an old rag we had for washing cars. For the better part of two days, the rag became a firm favourite with the three chicks who attacked it, chewed it, and played tug-of-war with it.

I mentioned this rag to the chat room viewers, who of course, wanted to see this playfulness for themselves. I found a rag and threw it onto the balcony floor. This rag caught the attention of Jelani immediately who flew down to the floor to investigate. Jelani attacked and pounced on the rag - it was hilarious!

Jelani and Indie both flew to the neighbour's roof, leaving Teeny alone on the balcony. When the older chicks got bored, they flew back and attacked the rag, and whatever else they could find on the balcony.

What I didn't appreciate this evening, was being hit by Pot Plant Owl! I was just about to step onto our patio when I received a whack on my shoulder blade. She flew in and hit me as a 'warning' not to come outside while her chicks were on the move in the immediate area. All fine and well if I wasn't in MY garden, and the chicks were on the neighbour's roof nowhere near me. Still, I'm glad she remains protective over her family.


  1. Thanks for your daily updates and the great photo's of the chicks. I appreciate very much all your efforts for PPO and her family.
    I'm a total owl nitwit, I'm afraid, and I was wondering if PPO and the chicks stay close to each other after the leave the nest. The chicks haven't been hunting for prey themselves at all yet. How are they gonna learn, who's gonna teach them? The parents? Like I said, I'm a total owl nitwit. ;)

  2. Hi AStrid
    The whoel family stay together for a few weeks after they leave us. The parents teach the chicks how to hunt for themselves, before the chicks eventually the parents. The chicks have to find their own territory so will not / should not return to us. The parents will / should return to our area, as this is their established territory.
    Thanks for showing an interest!

  3. Thanks for your reply. :))) It's pretty much what I thought would happen. :) I sure hope they'll all find a territory. Probably not in the nearby area, if I look at the photo of the area you live in. ;(