Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pic - 14 Nov Teeny and the Owl Box

Teeny sitting next to the owl box on the braai area. We moved the owl box dowstairs from the balcony, when Teeny couldn't get back up.
Photo taken with camera hanging out of a window of the lounge.


  1. Such a cute little thing. I love it to bits! :-)

  2. Me too Pands5!! Teeny is precious in these photos!!

  3. thank you so very much, for posting pictures, and keeping us up=dated when the chat is not working.....such a shame, so hi-tech is this U=stream, yet continual problems.
    OH well, you are a fabulous grandmother and grandfather to the owlets, they are lucky to have been born in your area.

    Thank you again from all the Owl=lovers.