Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday 3 November

In the early hours of this morning, I woke to find Teeny sitting back on its owl box roof. When Teeny saw me peering at him /her from the window, Teeny looked up at me and began head -bopping and hissing as if to say "Come on then, your turn to feed me". Little precious.

Jelani and Chick 2 were diligently standing in the pot plant nest, as if to say "Look how good we are. We wouldn't do anything wrong!"

Pot Plant Owl sat with her chicks on the lip of the pot, for a few hours. Teeny moved off the owl box roof (didnt see the exit so can't comment on how gracefully it was executed), and went inside the owl box to sleep.

Thanks to all of you who voted for our Chick 2. The name chosen is Indie (The Adventurer - like Indiana Jones). Welcome to the Family, Indie!

Another highlight of the day came in the early evening. While Allan and I were out, our dear Teeny took a very brave, big step.

Teeny began its journey of discovery on the balcony floor, edging closer to the wooden perch that reaches down near the nest pot plant. With baited breath, viewers on the webcam watched as Teeny took a few steps up the wooden perch. Teeny paused to contemplate and decide its next move, before taking another step up the perch. And then....

You'll just have to watch the video link, sent me me by Renee - Thank You!

We were thrilled to find Teeny happily sitting in the nest again, when we returned home. I knew Teeny would learn how to get back up to the nest, but it's always gratifying to see a successful lesson learned.

All three chicks are making progress in leaps and bounds. Confidence is growing. Wing flapping and short flights are increasing. Excitement is mounting for that first venture off the balcony. Who will be the first to take the plunge? Will the second one immediately follow, or will it remain on the balcony to watch how its sibling does? Will Jelani and Indie wait for Teeny? How long before Teeny catches up to these other two, and starts proper flying?

You'll have to keep following to find out.


  1. I absolutely like Indie (like Indiana Jones! LOL!)

    Welcome Indie, to the family and the world! :))

  2. I clicked on the link to watch Teeny and it says "this video is not available" :-(

  3. Video not available for me either. I hope it can be made to work as I would love to see Teeny returning to the nest. The chicks have all been developing fast and as Tracy says - what will happen next; it is so exciting! Janet

  4. You can fill in on the searchbar of youtube; "Pot Plant Owl" and then choose "Teeny makes it back to the potted plant". I've seen the video. Wauw, thank you Molly.